December 20, 2013


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I should have specified in my previous post that those were goals of where I want to be at when I get into the rhythm. As always, compliance is the only way to get this to work.

I know this from personal experience, considering I’ve been physically ill more times this Fall/Winter than ever before. It’s a combination of poor nutrition, poor sleep, poor everything.

In a hail mary pass to reset my sleep schedule, I’ve been up for quite a bit longer than 24 hours. It’s fine as long as you are caffeinated, but when you inevitably crash you experience lapses in short-term memory and an overall unpleasant, surreal affect that can make your irritable.

Luckily, I was brimming with motivation so I scheduled a date for after my activities.

At around 20:00, I hit a brick wall and could not go any farther. I wanted to go home and just pass out in my bed. But I knew that was out of the question. I was going on this date not to get it over with, but in fact, to do it under fatigue and resistance. I was going to do it to proactively build state.

I watched this:

She was at some job training thing until too long, and I was just sitting in my chair at the library with my eyes closed, trying to meditate but just falling asleep. I let myself take a few micronaps before I woke up gripping my backpack and phone to check if they were stolen and if this girl had texted me yet.

We agreed to meet at an okay bar, and it was a very mediocre date. She was coughing, so that rules out sex or at least making out. I’ve fucked girls who were sick and while sick before, but did I mention this shit was mediocre? I re-energized immediately into the date, and just kept building state. She said some stupid things that further rule her out in my book. Granted, we were both awake for >24 hrs. at the time of our date, so I should give her a little credit for being as crazy as I am when it comes to not flaking on dates. She mentioned being hungry but I cut it short because I wanted to go home and sleep. She said that we should hang out again soon. We will. She had a great ass and nice tits.


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