January 1, 2014


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Happy New Year!

This post is dedicated to my brother in arms, Gabe. We’ve been on the self-dev grind since we had met each other 8 years ago. He’s going to be training on an island for the next couple of months, and I will be joining him – only on a colder, albeit cushier island. He will learn things that I won’t learn, and I will learn things that he won’t learn, and I look forward to seeing him again when he comes back for his vacations. We’ll be studying, lifting, and sarging solo because the training never ends. It is a cocoon mode, and one that is crucial for growth except I have divorced from it the social isolation. Social isolation is for losers.

I have many things planned for this year.

This is the year I take my MCAT. I will be taking it in ~3 weeks, and since I am not fully prepared I will be taking it again in March or in April. I want to cram and get it over with, but I want to comfortably and gradually learn the material and let it sink into my brain as the rest of my life is working at a high level. My body, mind, and spirit – if you will.


I will be running HIIT for 10-15-20m sessions 3-4x/wk, raising it to 5-6x/wk. for the upcoming two months. This also means quitting smoking, which is easy to do in the winter. Two months of strong cardiovascular training will let me return to lifting and a bulking cycle, which I will do for March onwards. My goal is to DL 5 plates.  I currently DL 345. It’s doable. Once my bulking cycle is over, I work on conditioning. Then I will join a serious martial arts. All in 2014.

I will be foam rolling and stretching several times a day to keep my body working at peak capacity.

My nutrition will be on-par. In 2013, the vast majority of my income went to seamless. This is no longer acceptable. I have a credit on one of my CC’s, which I don’t use so that will be my desperate seamless card. Aside from that, all food will be cooked. Simple meals, but I will be reading 4 hour chef.

My micros and macros will be on point. Nootropics as well.

Fuck, can’t wait till I get my insurance back. I’m going to have VO2 max checked out and everything. My PCP is a bro.


Eliminate shit-tier sources of dopamine. The internet is a dangerous place. I will be reading out of my ipad. I will be reading hardcopies of publications like the New Yorker. I will be doing research to work a research labs (there are a few I have my eyes on right now), and I will be sharpening the blade so I can be the best tutor/teacher/mentor ever. Did I mention I also want to kill this test?


Meditate through it all. Unbreakable schedule: morning, day, night. Subway ride to campus. Subway ride to work. Guided meditation. Go all out. Once a week, do an hour long meditation. Go to Meditation meet-ups. Immerse yourself in meditation. Stress exists, and it’s fun, but meditation makes everything easy and it isn’t even a fucking drug.


I don’t have any new years resolutions but here are some things I don’t want to continue :

Fucking around on the computer.


Smoking (rarely).

Being a lazy slug.



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