March 18, 2014

Viserys board

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also, just came across this from last year. I never did meet this girl. 99% she’s an elaborate troll.



March 7, 2014


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February 20, 2014

Invictus 2014 Regimen

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This is my 2014 Regimen. It is only for the first half of 2014. The second half will involve a priority on lifting (bulking) and dating, with far less studying.

As of now, my priority is studying. I only go out on dates once maybe twice or three times a week. I have a steady gf too, so that’s ideal for this period of my year.

I can consistently study in 3hr. bursts now. However, I’m only able to do two of them a day. The goal is 4 a day. This is more than just reading. Studying will include anki decks, doing problems, practice tests, lectures, etc.

I’ve created a new calendar spreadsheet that let’s me track the following:

#hrs. study, #hrs extra reading, #hrs working, #hrs on date, #hrs sleeping, #hrs exercising, #hrs meditating, #cigs.

I have an additional journal where I write stream-of-consciousness about my day as well. But the calendar serves to record so I can see the sum totals of all of these things and be able to measure my progress better. I will also have a lot of data I can use to see patterns (ie. how mood can affect motivation, importance of sleep, and whether balancing them all can have a synergistic effect or a draining one).

Here is my 2014 Regimen:


February 1, 2014

lived in

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I just found this batch of jewelry that some girl left on my windowsill.

My room is full of things girls have left behind. Earrings. Hair bands. Bra’s. Belts. Sweaters. Underwear. Their hearts.

I often find strands of brunette, blonde, auburn, and red hairs on me after rolling around in my bed and the pile of clothing around me.

My room tells many stories.

I need to clean.

January 2, 2014


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There’s a winter storm hitting the northeastern United States. It’s trying to get in the way of my 2014 momentum. Fortunately, the library and gym are open so I made it to both today. Here are a few thoughts I had today:

Every Day Counts. In order for me to progress at a rate I desire, I must make every day count. I have a bad habit of calling it a night at 8pm and fucking around until I go to bed. I usually go to bed extremely late, although I have been making it to sleep at midnight-2am recently, and quite frankly I don’t even have interest in wasting time anymore. Every day counts, and this means it is okay for me to load up on stimulants like caffeine if I am hitting a lot of resistance. Getting the work done by any means necessary is more important than whatever perceived moral purity I retain by doing it “natty”. A wasted day is simply unacceptable.

Schedule Breaks. Breaks are absolutely necessary, yes. However, I have the tendency to extend moments of laziness into periods of lethargy whilst rationalizing it to myself by calling them “breaks.” Breaks are only breaks when I schedule and control them. I’ll have a better idea of how long and how frequent my breaks will be as time progresses. For now, I will push through during study/work time and allow myself to decompress when it is time to decompress. Ultimately, focus is just a muscle and one that I intend to strengthen.

Complete Errands ASAP. These include emails, correspondence, returning phone calls, listening to voicemail, checking tracking numbers, mailing things, etc. These require absolutely no effort so just do them fast and get them over with. Don’t substantiate them by adding them to to-do lists. Take care of them as they come up and don’t look back.

Internalize Daily Activities. No need to plan out each day. All of my days are already planned in my head. They each follow a very basic script. I wake up and simply read the script. No room for indecision or improvisation. Wake. HIIT. Study MCAT. DNB. MM. NY’er. Fiction. Non-Fiction. Audio Lecture. Meditation (guided and non-guided). Date/socializing/sarging. I’ve determined years ago that these are my priorities, and nothing else matters.

Go to Bed Consistently and Get Enough Sleep. This past month I’ve finally been going to bed consistently. Not sure how it happened, but it just did. I’m very used to functioning while deprived of sleep, but I want to be functioning at a higher level and getting enough sleep allows me to do that for an extended period of time. I can function well for a day or two without sleep, but as I mentioned before, every day counts and I don’t have room for any slip ups. I am playing life on full tilt.

Executive Decisions at Night. From the moment I wake to the moment I finish my daily activities, I will be operating in a form of autopilot. This is sort of like intoxication, except it’s one where the senses are acutely aware and I am present to the moment. The idea is focus. I will not be making executive decisions like questioning the value of a certain task or overhauling my life plan. I am a pensive man by nature, and quite frankly I am sick of introspection. I live outside of my head now, and will only allow myself to ponder the finer parts of life when I am decompressing before bed. This is also when I do my writing.

Aim for Supersanity. I’m sick of drugs that blur the senses. I never liked alcohol. I never liked cigarettes. I like marijuana but can reserve it for decompression. Most of the other drugs I take are drugs of a different class. Facebook. Instagram. OkCupid. 4chan. Reddit. Texting. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. These are just ways to pass the time. But I don’t want to pass the time. My time is invaluable. I have too much to accomplish. Drugs are not helping me reach that goal. They are only distracting me. Fuck the blue pill. I am only focused on things that improve my focus and redouble my nascent efforts to improve myself.

“When you’re scrubbing up before a difficult operation, it’s true: a chill does go through the veins. The only way I can describe it is to compare it to intoxication. Only it’s an intoxication that sharpens, rather than dulls, the senses; an altered state of consciousness that feeds on precision and clarity, rather than fuzziness and incoherence… Perhaps, ‘supersane’ would be a better way of describing it.” – Anonymous Neurosurgeon

January 1, 2014


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Happy New Year!

This post is dedicated to my brother in arms, Gabe. We’ve been on the self-dev grind since we had met each other 8 years ago. He’s going to be training on an island for the next couple of months, and I will be joining him – only on a colder, albeit cushier island. He will learn things that I won’t learn, and I will learn things that he won’t learn, and I look forward to seeing him again when he comes back for his vacations. We’ll be studying, lifting, and sarging solo because the training never ends. It is a cocoon mode, and one that is crucial for growth except I have divorced from it the social isolation. Social isolation is for losers.

I have many things planned for this year.

This is the year I take my MCAT. I will be taking it in ~3 weeks, and since I am not fully prepared I will be taking it again in March or in April. I want to cram and get it over with, but I want to comfortably and gradually learn the material and let it sink into my brain as the rest of my life is working at a high level. My body, mind, and spirit – if you will.


I will be running HIIT for 10-15-20m sessions 3-4x/wk, raising it to 5-6x/wk. for the upcoming two months. This also means quitting smoking, which is easy to do in the winter. Two months of strong cardiovascular training will let me return to lifting and a bulking cycle, which I will do for March onwards. My goal is to DL 5 plates.  I currently DL 345. It’s doable. Once my bulking cycle is over, I work on conditioning. Then I will join a serious martial arts. All in 2014.

I will be foam rolling and stretching several times a day to keep my body working at peak capacity.

My nutrition will be on-par. In 2013, the vast majority of my income went to seamless. This is no longer acceptable. I have a credit on one of my CC’s, which I don’t use so that will be my desperate seamless card. Aside from that, all food will be cooked. Simple meals, but I will be reading 4 hour chef.

My micros and macros will be on point. Nootropics as well.

Fuck, can’t wait till I get my insurance back. I’m going to have VO2 max checked out and everything. My PCP is a bro.


Eliminate shit-tier sources of dopamine. The internet is a dangerous place. I will be reading out of my ipad. I will be reading hardcopies of publications like the New Yorker. I will be doing research to work a research labs (there are a few I have my eyes on right now), and I will be sharpening the blade so I can be the best tutor/teacher/mentor ever. Did I mention I also want to kill this test?


Meditate through it all. Unbreakable schedule: morning, day, night. Subway ride to campus. Subway ride to work. Guided meditation. Go all out. Once a week, do an hour long meditation. Go to Meditation meet-ups. Immerse yourself in meditation. Stress exists, and it’s fun, but meditation makes everything easy and it isn’t even a fucking drug.


I don’t have any new years resolutions but here are some things I don’t want to continue :

Fucking around on the computer.


Smoking (rarely).

Being a lazy slug.


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