November 27, 2013


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It’s about time I make a post.

Last week was my first solid week of studying in three years. My goal was to study for 3 hours a day, Monday-Friday. By Thursday, I had been clocking in at 6 hours. I came home imagining nothing but 12 hour study days starting Monday. My steadily boiling body temperature had other plans, however.

Saturday and Sunday are my break days. These are also the days I tutor. Coincidentally, I tutor in a neighborhood that is far away from where I live but in which two of my girlfriends live so I stay over their place on these days and spend time with them.

However, since I was getting sick I chose to go home this past Saturday. I made some soup, and downloaded The Lost World: Jurassic Park, but decided to do some low-intensity OKC trawlin’ for fun.


I didn’t even invite her.

But she’s pretty, 19, and skinny. To be perfectly honest, I like all of those things she talked about. I swallowed some tylenol flu and cold in addition to the multiple 1g vit-C tablets I had been munching on and had her over.

As of today, I’m still a bit sick. It’s 10:55am, and I am only home because I’m waiting for my Etymotic in-ear monitors to arrive. I have to be home the moment it ships or else it will be stolen, because I live in a shitty neighborhood with shitty neighbors.

Then, it’s off to suck today’s dick.


October 26, 2013


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I’ve been operating at an extremely high level this past month.

Trauma affects everyone differently. I have had recent traumas happen to me and to a loved one. I have had traumas happen to me early in life.

They were painful. A level of pain that I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

Except you never know how you will react to trauma. It can destroy you, but it can also shave away at what isn’t you.

It shatters everything but if something survives, it is the purest version of you.

I’m not special. I think one never knows how they will react to trauma until they actually experience it.

But I am lucky to have people close to me for support. I’d like to especially thank Gab and Paul Giamatti.

With that out of the way, I’d like to talk briefly about performance.


I know I have promised posts that are ten times better than anything I’ve written here before. I am aware a lot of my older posts are missed, and I will bring some of them back. For example, the ones that I think are the most helpful and salient (like the hannah minx FR).

I will hand-pick them. A lot of them were garbage in my eyes, and a lot of them are not the type that I currently agree with.

Basically, there’s another way.

What I am working on is advanced emotional game. 

If you’ve been doing this as much as I have – as obsessively as I have. You will have a body count. You will rack up sexual experience, which is what we got into the game for in the first place. Either that, or to find a girlfriend.

I am not against either of those motivations. But they are not for me.

Since it is impossible to divulge my exact body count (read: number of women I’ve slept with) without seeming like a total douchebag, I will simply say that it is very high. This number is increasing, and I have a reliable foundation, so sex is automatic. This rules this out as a primary motivation. Although, I keep it up just to hone my skills.

I have a girlfriend. I dislike the word, because it’s based on a societal construct I disagree with. I am in an open relationship with a girl I love, so we are emotionally connected which is necessary for a girlfriend. If you have a girl that you just fuck and do not have an emotional connection or love them, then you don’t have a girlfriend.

One may ask, don’t you get jealous when she sleeps with other people? I answer “no, because I also sleep with many people – many more people.” However, this answer is biased because she only sleeps with other women and I like that.

I am still working on advanced emotional game. It’s something I have been executing on the field, and the goal of that is to build a profound emotional connection. Emotions run deep and they reign supreme over all other character traits, regardless of how superlative they are.

This will be a long-term project, especially because my studies are my priority right now. But what will come soon is a brand new OKCupid primer. 

This is an area of game that I can say with supreme confidence that I have mastered. Like, I said, i do not like to give numbers, but I will simply say that I have had a 100% success rate with every date I have been on from this website for this past year, and they are rarely one-night stands. These are extremely quality girls both physically and intellectually, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my interactions and experiences with every single one of them. I had 2-3 dates/day (which equalizes to 1-2 because of flakes; they are inevitable) during for most of the year, but it is a much lower priority for me right now.

But, I can still teach a lot. I will be doing this in upcoming posts, and I will be including excerpts from actual examples – from initial messages, to texts, to meet up, to date, to lay, and to possibly more (I like the more part).

I have been doing this for so long, I have total recall of the entire process. Of course, they are mostly automated, but I know exactly what i am doing and will describe it all as vividly as possible in the upcoming posts.

I would also like to end my posts with a quote, because there are so many great lesser-known ones that aren’t platitudes. This is Hegel, taking Kierkegaard’s idea further:

“Since we can never hope to understand why we’re here, if there’s even anything to understand, the individual should choose a goal and pursue it wholeheartedly, despite the certainty of death and the meaninglessness of action.” 

October 18, 2013

Girlfriend. Gravity.

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I have a girlfriend. I have been seeing her non-exclusively since we first met in August. I like her very much and I like to spend time with  her outside of sex. She knows who I am, and what I do, so she is cool with it. She’ not interested in any other guys, but does want to meet more women (she’s bi), so we’re planning on sarging together for threesomes. Seems like the next logical step, right?

This is still maintenance.

I will write refined guides to meeting women on OKC, and at bars (sarging), along with anyone else that will help good guys get over their fears and meet good woen.

For me right now, I’m still going to maintain the game, but the focus will be on my school, my finances, and other responsibilities I recently have to tend to.

I love my fans and I will still be posting. Every post on this new Invictus will be 10x the quality of those in the past. I’m different now. I’ve ascended.

Stay tuned.

And always, “breathe”. Breathe for everything.

October 17, 2013

Don’t sweat it. Breathe.

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Gab and I have been coaching a good friend of ours named Paul Giamatti.

This is a great kid. He has his life together. He has a work ethic that has put him through law school, while working full-time to support himself financially. He will always help you when you’re in a legal bind, even if you barely know him (he helped my roommate without asking for anything in return; granted, it was pro-bono work but still.)

Except he has a lot of limiting and self-defeating beliefs.

It doesn’t help that the friend circle he grew up with was a fusion reaction of pure negativity that chopped down every sprouting root of positivity he had. But he was strong…

He was strong enough to come to me about a year ago, and tell me that he was fed up and willing to learn about game.

This was a tremendous step.

Keep in mind, that if you are reading this blog, you probably feel as natural about game as others do in this community. So you may not appreciate the gravity of this.

In truth, “game” is very alienating to people. Most people will just refuse to talk about it. They will either say that they don’t need it, or naively criticize it.

It takes a lot for someone to admit that they are not satisfied with this area of their lives, that being women, and to embark on the tough journey that is improving this area of their lives.

But if they choose to embark on this journey, they are already leagues ahead of everyone else around them. This is because they understand that success with women, and success in general, is a skill-set that you can hone. It is something that you exercise and get better at. It works for everybody at different paces, but it works.

Paul Giamatti’s journey so far has been tough, but he has shown even tougher resolve. He doesn’t give himself enough credit because he is comparing himself to Gab and I, but he is becoming more comfortable using his own judgment as of late and has come so fucking far.

He was a hardcase newbie. No dates. No kiss. No girlfriends. But in one year he managed to consistently come out and sarge with us. He managed to secure roughly 40 dates since he’s started online dating. He’s had a good number of make-outs, and just had his first lay.

All I can say is that he has accelerated at a rate much more than either Gab or I. I’m very proud of him, and see nothing but greater improvement for him in the future.

We were talking about the importance of the first date kiss, and other reductionist moments of a date. Which newbies often focus on. Things like quantifying the number of IOI’s, the kiss, the physicality, etc. But as you keep doing this, as PG did consistently (did I mention he had a good work ethic?), you will be able to automate a lot of the things you used to sweat. As Tyler says, “your sticking points auto-correct.” As you improve in this, like you would in any skill-set, you begin to have a wider perspective on the interaction. As little things become automatized, the “rules” become less stringent and you are free to use your judgment to experiment and discover new ways to make it an enjoyable experience for the both of you.

That’s important. Game is about making it an enjoyable experience for the both of you.

So after you do this for a bit, you are free to use your own judgment. You learn to not sweat it, be present, and to just breathe.

October 7, 2013


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“You need either a tragedy or a goal so big that it pulls you out of bed.”

These past few days have blurred from the inertia of a traumatic event that happened to someone very dear to me – to someone that I love.

This person is strong and tells me what happened. I don’t push or ask questions, I just listen. She’s able to get a lot out, until she isn’t. Tears at my chest as I hold her. I feel a flood of emotions but keep it controlled. This isn’t for me. I’m there for her. I tell her “I’m here for you, and you have support.”

I decided to reinvent Invictus.

I started in November 2011 with a simple vision: “The relentless pursuit of making infinity my bitch.” Just shy of 2 years and a little more than 100 posts later, I am compelled to revisit this vision, sit on it, and write from the source.

Invictus is about one thing and one thing only:

Building value and offering value.

When you do anything in life, and you are wondering “what would Invictus have me do?” Simply ask yourself if what you are doing builds value and if it offers value. If it’s a “yes”, then you have learned something. That’s the most I could hope for, just that this message gets across. If you do this, then Invictus has done what it was meant to do.

My next post will be an updated primer on “game,” and will incorporate new things I’ve learned that will affect you at the core.

For this post, I want to set a requirement for those of you who want to learn true game:

You cherish women.

You are genuinely delighted by women. You celebrate their beauty. You are not afraid to show flashes of honest vulnerability. You have true love and compassion towards women, but have no neediness. You have a purpose in this life beyond her (or anyone, for that matter). You understand, to the core, that all women desire passion, good sex, adventure and love. You are there to make them feel beautiful. It is not your obligation, and it is not something you do to “improve your chances”. You do this because you fucking love it.

You have eradicated all limiting beliefs and mediocrity from your life. You make no excuses for your faults and strive to succeed in spite of them. You have transcended what you and others have thought was possible, and you are not slowing down anytime soon.

August 10, 2013


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I invited a girl over at 3AM. She was expecting sex, but I didn’t give it to her.

I am a man. I love sex. Women love sex.

In our society, the man is expected to initiate. The man wants sex, and if he plays his cards right, the woman rewards him by “giving” him sex.

But, women love sex too, don’t they?

I experimented with this last night. I was talking to a very attractive girl I know, and she asked if I wanted to meet. I said “sure”, since I am a night owl and would be up anyway. She came over, and we hung out.

She would at times ask me what I’m thinking about, to which I responded to with honest answers like “I can’t wait to go running tomorrow.” She tells me, without me asking her, that she is thinking about sex. She tells me how horny she feels.

I pull out my iPad and give it to her. I told her she can touch herself in the bathroom.

She stared in disbelief, but then laughed.

We talk some more. Dawn is approaching. We lay down, and she lays down on top of me. We continue to talk. She asks me about gender roles. If I have ever felt pressured to fall into one.

I tell her no. I’m the type of man who regularly listens and sings along to Glee. I wax poetically about my mancrush on Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill. I do things because I want to, I don’t care about the cosmetic labels people try to place on everything.

But then, I realized, I had. That is the basis of game, isn’t it? Or rather, the reason us men get involved in things like game. We are pressured by society to have sex or to have a girlfriend because it defines our worth. A millionaire cardiothoracic surgeon who drives home in his Porsche to find his wife sleeping with the pool guy? This anecdote has nearly become a proverb. Who wins at life? The surgeon, doesn’t he? He has money, status, and fucking saves lives. Wrong. It’s the pool guy. Why?

I don’t know, but he does.

I told her I always initiate because it’s a gender role I, as well as most men, are pressured into.

Men either over-think the kiss and fail to do it, hating themselves for not being “man-enough”. Or they work up the balls to actually kiss her, and possibly get laid, but are drained by the onus of it.

She then initiated and kissed me.

I back away, and move closer to the window for a cigarette. She feels awkward, and apologized for getting so close (she was lying on top of me). I don’t respond.

We continue to talk.

She asks me if I want to have sex with her. I tell her “No.” She asks me why, I simply say “Because I said ‘No.'” 

Girls do it all of the time. Regardless of the reason, “no” means “no”. As a man, you should try it some time. It is empowering in a way you would never have expected it to be.

She said, “I hope we could stay friends.”

When a man usually hears this, it means that they are friend-zoned. Except this time, she was friend-zoned.

I friend-zoned an intelligent, blonde bombshell who was sitting half-naked in bed with me. 

(BTW, I had my clothes on the entire time).

She eventually leaves to go to work at 9AM. I say “good-bye” to her.

She texts me three times later that day. Each over an hour apart, and each without my response.

Guys, how many times did you sleep/talk/have a great date/have a great time with a girl who you texted multiple times who never responded back? How fucking shitty did you feel?

The reality is that they have no obligation to return your texts, but you have no obligation to stop texting – or to stop responding to their texts.

I’ve slept with girls who didn’t respond to my texts for a whole fucking year. I’ve felt intensely shitty when a girl I really liked stop responding to my texts. And here I was, for the first time ever, not responding to a girl’s texts.

A few days later, she sends me a link to her twitter and facebook.

I responded this time. I’m going to see her again, maybe as soon as tomorrow or as late as next week.

I have no obligation to do anything. It is empowering.

I recommend it to all men.

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