November 27, 2013


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It’s about time I make a post.

Last week was my first solid week of studying in three years. My goal was to study for 3 hours a day, Monday-Friday. By Thursday, I had been clocking in at 6 hours. I came home imagining nothing but 12 hour study days starting Monday. My steadily boiling body temperature had other plans, however.

Saturday and Sunday are my break days. These are also the days I tutor. Coincidentally, I tutor in a neighborhood that is far away from where I live but in which two of my girlfriends live so I stay over their place on these days and spend time with them.

However, since I was getting sick I chose to go home this past Saturday. I made some soup, and downloaded The Lost World: Jurassic Park, but decided to do some low-intensity OKC trawlin’ for fun.


I didn’t even invite her.

But she’s pretty, 19, and skinny. To be perfectly honest, I like all of those things she talked about. I swallowed some tylenol flu and cold in addition to the multiple 1g vit-C tablets I had been munching on and had her over.

As of today, I’m still a bit sick. It’s 10:55am, and I am only home because I’m waiting for my Etymotic in-ear monitors to arrive. I have to be home the moment it ships or else it will be stolen, because I live in a shitty neighborhood with shitty neighbors.

Then, it’s off to suck today’s dick.


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