December 19, 2013

Conquering of the Mind

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“Do not throw away the hero in your soul, hold holy your highest hope.”

I will now be updating every week. My priority right now is to be a learning machine.


Hour one: eat cereal and meditate on subway ride to gym

Hour two: run HIIT for 10/15/20m (progressively loading), stretch, foamroll

Hour three: eat larger meal, drink tea, break (which means I fuck around and don’t do anything – essential cog in this master plan to work)

Hour four: drink caffeinated beverage. do warm-ups for the brain – do mental math, simple memorization games (state capitals, geography, etc), crossword puzzle, dual n-back tests, etc. These sound boring but are easy flow state activities that are productive

Hour five: read New Yorker – I have 6-mo. back issues because I’m a lazy fucker. meditate for 25m on concentration using this app called mindfulness on my phone.

Hour six to Hour nine: Drink perhaps second caffeinated beverage, or do a line in the bathroom. study. this means really study – get away from the computer, insert ear-plugs, turn OFF the phone, get in a cubicle and force yourself to study. If I am bored with the earplugs (not really a fan), I will listen to white noise or binaural beats (dat broscience tho). This has taken me fucking months to get myself to do. After searching endlessly for a quick and simple way to study, I find the only way to do it is the old school way of sitting down and fucking doing the work. If you were a studious child (read: immigrant) growing up, you can tap into that level of immersion. If you weren’t, read War of Art. This takes disciplineThere’s no way around this one. It’s the price you pay for greatness.

Hour ten: this is a tough hour. Right after you’re studying you’re jumping out of your seat to get as far away from that painful-as-fuck experience as possible. I will certainly be fucking around for this hour. However, I will attempt to hold it out for another 20m to do a relaxation meditation from the mindfulness app.

Hour eleven: Lift; not bulking right now, so will be doing high volume low weight to only build CNS control

Hour twelve: eat large meal, drink tea, break

Hour thirteen: read novel or non-fiction non-related to studying. This is my reading list. 

Hour fourteen: listen to TTC audio lectures – these are god-tier. This is my listening list.

Hour fifteen to Hour sixteen: go on date, socialize, win(e)d down and thoroughly enjoy life. Sometimes this involves getting high and listening to an album, or watching a film. I’m currently really into this: A Story of Film: An Odyssey

Hour seventeen:  drink valerian root tea, deep foam roll, stare hypnotically at inspiring artwork so it slowly enters my subconscious, bask underneat a red lamp, bodyscan meditation on mindfulness app which has the rare quality of putting me right to sleep


In the upcoming months, more time will be devoted to my studies. My goal of transitioning from 3 hrs./day to 6 hrs./day to 9 hrs./day will be more seamless if I am replacing a similarly brain-engaging activity.

In order to be a learning machine, I have to keep my brain in tip-top shape. My diet and nutrition needs to be right. I need to be getting all of the micronutrients. I will be experimenting with nootropics like huperzine A, piracetam, oxiracetam, aniracetam, choline, and a lot of B vitamins.

I will also keep a running list of things that inspire me that I can go to to recharge. One of these things is walking into Barnes and Noble or the Met. I get a headrush.


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