August 10, 2013


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I invited a girl over at 3AM. She was expecting sex, but I didn’t give it to her.

I am a man. I love sex. Women love sex.

In our society, the man is expected to initiate. The man wants sex, and if he plays his cards right, the woman rewards him by “giving” him sex.

But, women love sex too, don’t they?

I experimented with this last night. I was talking to a very attractive girl I know, and she asked if I wanted to meet. I said “sure”, since I am a night owl and would be up anyway. She came over, and we hung out.

She would at times ask me what I’m thinking about, to which I responded to with honest answers like “I can’t wait to go running tomorrow.” She tells me, without me asking her, that she is thinking about sex. She tells me how horny she feels.

I pull out my iPad and give it to her. I told her she can touch herself in the bathroom.

She stared in disbelief, but then laughed.

We talk some more. Dawn is approaching. We lay down, and she lays down on top of me. We continue to talk. She asks me about gender roles. If I have ever felt pressured to fall into one.

I tell her no. I’m the type of man who regularly listens and sings along to Glee. I wax poetically about my mancrush on Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill. I do things because I want to, I don’t care about the cosmetic labels people try to place on everything.

But then, I realized, I had. That is the basis of game, isn’t it? Or rather, the reason us men get involved in things like game. We are pressured by society to have sex or to have a girlfriend because it defines our worth. A millionaire cardiothoracic surgeon who drives home in his Porsche to find his wife sleeping with the pool guy? This anecdote has nearly become a proverb. Who wins at life? The surgeon, doesn’t he? He has money, status, and fucking saves lives. Wrong. It’s the pool guy. Why?

I don’t know, but he does.

I told her I always initiate because it’s a gender role I, as well as most men, are pressured into.

Men either over-think the kiss and fail to do it, hating themselves for not being “man-enough”. Or they work up the balls to actually kiss her, and possibly get laid, but are drained by the onus of it.

She then initiated and kissed me.

I back away, and move closer to the window for a cigarette. She feels awkward, and apologized for getting so close (she was lying on top of me). I don’t respond.

We continue to talk.

She asks me if I want to have sex with her. I tell her “No.” She asks me why, I simply say “Because I said ‘No.'” 

Girls do it all of the time. Regardless of the reason, “no” means “no”. As a man, you should try it some time. It is empowering in a way you would never have expected it to be.

She said, “I hope we could stay friends.”

When a man usually hears this, it means that they are friend-zoned. Except this time, she was friend-zoned.

I friend-zoned an intelligent, blonde bombshell who was sitting half-naked in bed with me. 

(BTW, I had my clothes on the entire time).

She eventually leaves to go to work at 9AM. I say “good-bye” to her.

She texts me three times later that day. Each over an hour apart, and each without my response.

Guys, how many times did you sleep/talk/have a great date/have a great time with a girl who you texted multiple times who never responded back? How fucking shitty did you feel?

The reality is that they have no obligation to return your texts, but you have no obligation to stop texting – or to stop responding to their texts.

I’ve slept with girls who didn’t respond to my texts for a whole fucking year. I’ve felt intensely shitty when a girl I really liked stop responding to my texts. And here I was, for the first time ever, not responding to a girl’s texts.

A few days later, she sends me a link to her twitter and facebook.

I responded this time. I’m going to see her again, maybe as soon as tomorrow or as late as next week.

I have no obligation to do anything. It is empowering.

I recommend it to all men.


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