February 20, 2014

Invictus 2014 Regimen

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This is my 2014 Regimen. It is only for the first half of 2014. The second half will involve a priority on lifting (bulking) and dating, with far less studying.

As of now, my priority is studying. I only go out on dates once maybe twice or three times a week. I have a steady gf too, so that’s ideal for this period of my year.

I can consistently study in 3hr. bursts now. However, I’m only able to do two of them a day. The goal is 4 a day. This is more than just reading. Studying will include anki decks, doing problems, practice tests, lectures, etc.

I’ve created a new calendar spreadsheet that let’s me track the following:

#hrs. study, #hrs extra reading, #hrs working, #hrs on date, #hrs sleeping, #hrs exercising, #hrs meditating, #cigs.

I have an additional journal where I write stream-of-consciousness about my day as well. But the calendar serves to record so I can see the sum totals of all of these things and be able to measure my progress better. I will also have a lot of data I can use to see patterns (ie. how mood can affect motivation, importance of sleep, and whether balancing them all can have a synergistic effect or a draining one).

Here is my 2014 Regimen:



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