October 7, 2013


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“You need either a tragedy or a goal so big that it pulls you out of bed.”

These past few days have blurred from the inertia of a traumatic event that happened to someone very dear to me – to someone that I love.

This person is strong and tells me what happened. I don’t push or ask questions, I just listen. She’s able to get a lot out, until she isn’t. Tears at my chest as I hold her. I feel a flood of emotions but keep it controlled. This isn’t for me. I’m there for her. I tell her “I’m here for you, and you have support.”

I decided to reinvent Invictus.

I started in November 2011 with a simple vision: “The relentless pursuit of making infinity my bitch.” Just shy of 2 years and a little more than 100 posts later, I am compelled to revisit this vision, sit on it, and write from the source.

Invictus is about one thing and one thing only:

Building value and offering value.

When you do anything in life, and you are wondering “what would Invictus have me do?” Simply ask yourself if what you are doing builds value and if it offers value. If it’s a “yes”, then you have learned something. That’s the most I could hope for, just that this message gets across. If you do this, then Invictus has done what it was meant to do.

My next post will be an updated primer on “game,” and will incorporate new things I’ve learned that will affect you at the core.

For this post, I want to set a requirement for those of you who want to learn true game:

You cherish women.

You are genuinely delighted by women. You celebrate their beauty. You are not afraid to show flashes of honest vulnerability. You have true love and compassion towards women, but have no neediness. You have a purpose in this life beyond her (or anyone, for that matter). You understand, to the core, that all women desire passion, good sex, adventure and love. You are there to make them feel beautiful. It is not your obligation, and it is not something you do to “improve your chances”. You do this because you fucking love it.

You have eradicated all limiting beliefs and mediocrity from your life. You make no excuses for your faults and strive to succeed in spite of them. You have transcended what you and others have thought was possible, and you are not slowing down anytime soon.


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